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PPF Film | Polymer Paint Protection Spray Coating

Car Protection / Liquid Wrap

Stealth Coat Polymer Base Coat 1 Litre – £60.00+Vat 
Stealth Coat Flexi Clear Kit 1 Litre – £55.00+Vat 
Stealth Coat Flexi Clear Activator 500ml – £30.00+Vat 
Stealth Coat Flexi Clear Activator 1 Litre – £55.00+Vat

Care Protection / Liquid Wrap

Bicycle Frame Protection

With the popularity of cyclists on the increase and with more and more road cycling clubs around the country. The demand for bespoke frames and forks are now the standard.

Bicycle Frame Protection

Motorcycle paint work protection

Motorbike tanks, side panels, fenders, headlights and even motorbike helmets will all benefit from paint protection. this means you get optimum protection against chips and scuffs.

Motorcycle Paint Work Protection