Car Paint Protection/liquid spray wrap

Stealthcoat® is an advanced polymer liquid paint protection spray wrap coating. It is invisible, durable and a safe way to protect your car from scratches, chips, road debris and malicious damage. Most importantly it is indistinguishable from the original paintwork. It offers a smooth yet tough exterior shell-like finish combining the latest advancements found in modern sealants and adhesives.

You can also completely change the colour, look and feel of your vehicle, while also protecting the factory OEM finish. This liquid wrap will not only protect your vehicles body work but it also enhances its appearance.

It is a fully removable coating capable of replicating OEM factory finishes or show winning paint finish unlike traditional Paint Protection Film (PPF).

We recommend that Stealthcoat® is refinished by a professional Car bodyshop/Paint sprayer to achieve the outstanding results which the product can give.

  • Crystal Clear finish

  • Whole car or front end protection Enhances original paint appearance

  • Liquid spray fills minor scratches and swirl marks in the original lacquer

  • Complete colour changes available

  • Can be sprayed seamlessly onto all shapes and contours

  • Requires no cutting on the vehicle

  • Does not lift or get dirt under its edges

  • UV stable and unaffected by sunlight

  • Satin and Matt finishes available

  • Self healing properties

  • Can be sealed,ceramic coated and waxed

  • Can be flatted and polish to reduce orange peel if required for that show car finish

  • Ideal for Motorsport, Motorcycles and Trackday vehicles

  • Can be removed at any time leaving no residue of marks on original paint

Colour Changes

Another amazing aspect of Stealthcoat® is how it caters for colour changes. Your only limitation is your imagination.

You can have any colour with any finish and all without effecting the original paint below! The colour change process adds a few extra layers to the process and gives incredible custom results.

First the polymer coating is applied before individual colour is painted on and the final top coating is applied to lock in and protect the new colour underneath. If you desire another change or want to revert the car back to its original paint it can be peeled off just as easily, leaving no marks or residue.

Database of 98% Manufacturers colours are available and also custom colours, candy pearls and special colour changing shift colours are available.

Prices POA

Stealth Coat® Polymer Base Coat 1 Litre

Stealth Coat® Flexi Clear Kit 1 Litre

Stealth Coat® Flexi Clear Activator 500ml

Stealth Coat® Flexi Clear Activator 1 Litre

Typical Steathcoat® applications

Car Paint Protection Spray | Liquid Spray Wrap